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Whether you are launching your companies online campaign or are already an established online business, we are here to help. Our expertise allow us to design, develop and provide the perfect website.

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Responsive Web Design Coventry

Is your company ready to have a website that engages visitors and makes you money? Here at Mash Web Design we offer our clients the complete responsive solution. Time and time again it has been proven that users are likely to engage with your website if it has been designed professionally and is dynamic to the screen they are browsing on, which is why we offer all of our customers a fully responsive service in order to make sure your website stands out from the crowd.

What we have to offer

Whether you plan on reinventing the wheel and launching your companies new online campaign or whether you are an already established online business, we are able to help. Our expertise allow us to design, develop and provide the perfect responsive website for your business. All of our design choices are based around your website content and your business key USP’S and selling points. By completing this practice we are able to design a website that is fully adapted to your businesses methods and outlook.

Web Design

Responsive Websites

Stay one step ahead of your competition by allowing users to engage with your website from multiple devices. Here at Mash Web Design Coventry, we are passionate about responsive web design, which is why we fully guarantee to our clients that no matter what portable device their clients may be viewing the website on their website will look flawless. Every day more and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet to purchase online, complete research and enquire with local business regarding their services. It is now more important that is has ever been to provide the perfect user experience to these users across all of their devices. Responsive design is a must for any business that takes their online marketing seriously. New studies are being undertaken every day by web agencies around the globe researching the impact responsive design has on a business. Figures currently show that over half of visitors will leave a website instantly if it does not respond to their device or phone. Does this sound like a percentage you can afford to alienate and send elsewhere?

You May Have A Mobile Website... But Is It Responsive?

Just before responsive web design was introduced the web industry had a surge of out and out separate mobile websites. Isn't that the same thing? The answer is quite simply no. Separate mobile websites are developed specifically for one mobile size, usually the popular iPhone device. Although this option does provide a good user experience to iPhone users that simply is not enough. With the rise of popular smart phone and portable devices, simply tailoring your website to iPhone users is no longer enough. All new portable devices come with completely different screen sizes, which means that unless you are providing the perfect user experience to all of these customers as well, you will be significantly alienating a huge part of your customer base. Future proof your website by going responsive, as your website will adapt to any device size instantly.  

Stay One Step Ahead

Going responsive future proofs your website and will save you time and money in the long haul. Over 60% of users will leave a non-mobile website instantly. We guarantee your responsive website will work automatically on new portable devices and increase search visibility on portable devices and sharing.

Go Responsive From £399

Ensuring the longevity of your website doesn't have to burn a whole in your pocket either. Here at Mash Web Design Coventry we will happily develop your website responsive ready for as little as £399

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If you require further information, we will be happy to sit down with you and show you how responsive web design will benefit your company.

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Responsive Web Design
content managed websites

Content Managed Websites

If you have ever had a website built for you in the past, chances are that making simple web changes has been an issue. Whether its something as simple as changing a phone number or adding a page onto your website, often this can incur additional costs and lengthy periods of time before the work is completed. So why not just do it yourself from now on? We future proof your website by offering a content managed solution allowing you to easily add, take away or change content on your website. Built with you in mind we will make the process of editing your website as simple as 1,2,3. Learn More

eCommerce Websites

An online shop is now as, if not more important that owning a real shop on the high street. It is an effective way of showcasing your products to customers in their homes and all round the world. We build easy to manage eCommerce websites using the open source software Magento. Allowing you to add products, manage orders, create discount codes and much more. Learn More
content managed websites
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