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Understanding Your Business

Understand our clients business will be the very first step you undertake as a client of Mash Web Design. Every business is unique, which is why we always aim to deliver an individual service tailored to our clients needs. We believe understanding our customers is key to delivering the perfect service, which is why our main aim throughout the project is to be able to develop a deep understanding of the clients business, that will allow us to exceed our clients expectations.

We Listen

One of our key skills in understanding your business is quite simply being able to listen. We listen about your goals and ambitions for the future, we listen about what your top selling products are, we listen and understand how you will judge the success of the project. By properly listening to our clients we can understand the reasons why your business is investing in a new website and then we can judge and deliver the most effective solutions to your needs.

We Step into our Clients Shoes (Not Literally)

We aim to offer you support and guidance through this initial stage. Some businesses are harder to understand than others, which is why we try to step in your shoes and see how your business operates. We will do our best to understand the following information: By assessing the above information, we can put forward the correct web package to suit your business going forward. For example if your goal is to turnover £100,000 a year from the new website, we can measure what investment in products you will need to make in order to give your business the best chance of meeting your financial expectations.

Understanding your Brand Identity

Before the design stage we need to fully understand how to market your business correctly. If we do not fully understand your brand identity then we could be promoting your business in an incorrect way at the wrong target audience. Firstly we will find out what your own interpretation of the brand is. Are you aiming to portray your business as fun or corporate? Answering this simple, yet key question will dramatically effect the outlook of the homepage design. If you aren't completely sure about your own brand identity we will propose that you invest in Mash Web Design designing you a new logo and brand image. We advise our customers to be fully confident of their own brand identity before investing in a new website, as it is one of the key elements that helps shape the website.


The above steps are just some of the practices we undertake to help understand your business initially. If you are interested in our approach, please contact us today to arrange a initial meeting, and receive a free website quote and home page design, what is there to lose after all.
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