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Market Research

Market Research is one of the key components to a successful website and business. Here at Mash Web Design we encourage our clients to contribute to the market research phase by contacting existing clients and listening to their recommendations. The correct delivery of market research should give the business owner and our agency a wealth of information about their target market and their online buying behaviours.

Understand Your Customers Buying Motives

Your website can be your businesses most reliable and efficient sales person, if designed and developed correctly, it has the opportunity to sell 24 hours a day (Even on the weekends). By our agency understanding your business and completing extensive market research on the specific field, we can inform and educate our clients to understand their customers needs and motives. The design and usability of the website can then match these requirements ensuring an increase in sales and enquiries. Understanding your customers buying motives is one of the most important factors when it comes to business.

Market Research Example One:

If a businesses main selling point revolves around offering the cheapest product in their field, the businesses target audience should be consumers looking for the cheapest bargains. Therefore it makes sense to push the price as a key buying motive on the homepage of the website. This information will then impact the design of the website so it takes a more sales orientated approach.

Market Research Example Two:

However if a business offers a high-grade premium service, the target market changes to customers looking for a good quality product. With this basic understanding of the potential consumer we can adapt the design to push the features and benefits of the service or product rather than the price.

Market Research Conclusion

The above examples may be as simplistic as it it comes however it is quite obvious that by even undertaking in the most basic of market research, we have the ability as designers and marketers to exploit customer buying motives and needs.
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