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Graphic Design Coventry

Establishing a strong online presence is just part of correctly marketing your business. In order to fully maximise on your advertising and marketing potential it is crucial that you invest offline too. Even in todays marketplace a well designed business card is still one of the key marketing tools you have at your disposal. Print marketing done correctly improves your businesses credibility and can be the difference between winning a sale and loosing it.

Brochure & Print Design Coventry

Here at Mash Web Design, we understand the importance of correctly marketing your business offline. Many web design agencies preach to their clients that “Print Design is Dead”, this is usually a ploy to ensure their clients invest solely on online marketing which is often more profitable. This philosophy is not only immoral, it is simply not true. We offer our clients high quality graphic design services providing everything from bespoke business cards to leaflets, booklets and letter heads.

Business Card Design Coventry

We recommend to all our clients that if they are only going to invest in one form of offline marketing, ensure it is your business card. A companies business card says volumes about the credibility of the organisation and the brand. A good business card must tick three key boxes. It must:
  1. Be professional
  2. Symbolise your businesses ethos.
  3. Most Importantly be Memorable
We ensure all of the above 3 points are matched delivering to you the perfect marketing tool.

Graphic Design – A Gap in the Market

Web and online marketing is now more important than any other piece of marketing. However many businesses rely solely on it as their only form of advertising, leaving a potential gap in the market. Many of your customer will still prefer print design and may not necessarily be tech savvy, it is therefore important through our marketing we are not alienating potential customers. Nothing shouts out quality more than an effectively designed business card. By investing in print you can stay ahead of your competition both online and offline.
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