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Development Planning

All of the websites we produce at Mash are designed and developed to the latest industry standards and practices. To ensure that your website is built to the highest level from the get go, we invest a huge amount of time at the start of the project planning the websites architecture, we do this before we even begin writing a piece of code. By following this approach for all of our valued customers website we are able to ensure that every aspect of the website has been correctly thought through before being developed.

Efficiency & Quality

By planning a website properly we are laying down the basic foundations that the project will be built upon. Following this process allows our developers to ensure your website flawlessly operates when it is launched onto the web. Considering the user journey, site structure, content and functionality are all pivotal pieces of information that need to be considered and decided upon.

By completing development research early on in the project, it allows our developers to pinpoint potential issues and resolve them before any work has been undertaken. This improves both efficiency and quality. By resolving issues early on, we avoid hacking functionality together and duplication of work.

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