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Competitor Analysis

Design agencies and clients often become fully absorbed by the new website that they neglect to complete one key step, competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is the process of investigating and understanding how your online competition currently succeeds in being successful in the online market place and how it currently differs from your business. We take time to fully analyse your competitors websites as well as their off line SEO campaign.

Identifying your competitors

We initially begin the process by undertaking in keyword research for your industry, this allows us to easily see who the front running businesses in your field are. We then compile an extensive list of these competitors, and aim to begin the competitor analysis process.

Design Analysis

The first stage of the analysis is fully design orientated, we examine how their website is making conversions and why it is successful in the market place. By fully analysing these areas, it allows us to understand the strategy being used by your competitors. It is crucial that where anomalies aries we ask ourselves why this is happening and whether that approach is giving that competitor the edge within the industry. Once this information has been gained we can then compare this against our own strategy and see where it differs.

Online Visibility Analysis

The final step in online analysis is to fully investigate how your competitors are succeeding in ranking within the search engines. We delve into your competitors back link profile to clearly see how many different websites are linking back to their site and the reasons behind the back link. From understanding how your competitors are gaining back links we can aim to put together a similar online strategy to gain the same or very similar back links.

Keeping One Step Ahead

Our aim isn't just to match the performance of your competitors but to propel you in front and to keep you one step ahead. It is therefore crucial that from the information we gather from the design and online visibility analysis, that we are looking out for potential gaps within the market to exploit. This could range from a content strategy to build brand awareness and back links, to functionality found on the website that will raise conversions. The beauty of attaining the information gained from undertaking in the analysis process allows us to readapt the strategy for your online campaign to not only match but to beat your online competitors.
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