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Brand Identity

Brand identity is a crucial aspect of establishing your business in the mind of your consumers. Often a business can become recognisable by something as simple as a letter, word or most commonly a symbol. Establishing an identity isn’t just a choice regarding what icon to use, it must signify your companies purpose and act as a strong visual identity.

Logo Design

A powerful and visual logo is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. It must clearly establish what your businesses ethos and personality are with your customers. Your logo will go on to inspire every other piece of branding and marketing you undertake. Here at Mash Web Design, your logo is one of the key elements we consider when designing your website. We take inspiration from your logos colours, style and personality and aim to establish the same vibe throughout not just the design of the website, but through all of your marketing with us. In order to establish your company as the go to business in your field, your logo needs to become instantly recognisable with your customers and hard to forget, that doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be bold and in your customers face, but it must be easy to remember and leave a lasting impression. We often redesign customers existing logos along with their new website. It is often this fresh marketing approach that can shift a businesses fortunes upside down.
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