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Mash Book Review – “Create The Website You Want With WordPress” by Rob Cubbon

Create the website you want with wordpress

To coincide with the launch of his new book, Rob Cubbon sent through a request for an e-book review by the team here at Mash Web Design. The short how-to guide is titled “Create the Website You Want with WordPress” and is aimed at beginner / intermediate solopreneur readers looking to launch their WordPress careers.

Having read much of Rob Cubbon’s previous work, I was definitely excited about sitting down on a Sunday evening to undertake in this WordPress journey. You will be happy to know, the book did not disappoint.

Although the e-book is predominantly aimed towards readers without any previous WordPress experience, I still found myself unable to let go of my Kindle the whole of the evening.

Rob Cubbon manages to effortlessly simplify the process of purchasing a domain name & hosting, setting up and configuring the WordPress backend correctly as well as covering how to install WordPress Plugins & Themes.

Setting Up Your Domain & Hosting

For many would be webmasters one of the most daunting steps in creating a website is purchasing the domain name & acquiring hosting. Rob Cubbon manages to truly simplify this process, explaining in-depth how to initially choose and register the correct domain name for your business as well as acquiring the correct hosting package to run your new wesbite.

Content Is King

What I love about this e-book is Rob truly captures all of the important aspects of what makes a website work and then breaks it down into bight size chunks for the reader. Contained within this small e-book are some extremely priceless tips on how to blog successfully. The author manages to cover and debug popular blogging issues such as “How often should I write”, “What should I write about”, “How to gain blog readers and email subscriptions” as well as much more.

Site Design & WordPress

Within this book Rob also manages to table a unique view regarding the design of your new site / blog. The author explains how often sites fail because the webmaster simply spends to much time focussing solely on the design of their website & therefore neglect other important areas, although being a slightly controversial opinion with designers, Rob goes on to justify his claims as he introduces the reader to the extremely popular genesis framework along with how to choose the perfect free or premium theme for their website.

The e-book does an extremely good job of simplifying the WordPress backend, which will come as a relief for anyone who has ever been confused by the differences between posts and pages. The e-book also covers key elements to help ensure your websites success, such as creating your websites XML Sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics, SEO, Setting up a contact form, Improving site performance and email marketing.


Although already containing an absolute wealth of useful information in my opinion the books most important chapter is found late on and discusses the important topic of building and nurturing business relationships on and offline.

Rob Cubbon does an absolutely excellent job of covering the following crucial topics:

  • Setting up a gravatar
  • Correctly using Social Media to market your business
  • The importance of collecting email addresses for marketing purposes
  • How networking, going to conferences and meet ups can benefit your business.


This book seamlessly covers a whole host of topics that can trip new WordPress users up. Anyone considering delving into WordPress should definitely consider reading this book first. For just a few pounds, watch yourself go from a novice to a professional in less than 24 hours!

You can purchase the book here on Amazon, or alternatively visit his personal website for more information.

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