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Head Of Googles Web Spam Team Explains Why He Has Extended His Leave

On the back of last weeks announcement by the head of Google’s web spam team to extend his leave from the company, Matt Cutts has went on to further explain some of the reasons behind his decision. Our favourite Googler has also strongly hinted that a return to Google Head Quarters just may no longer happen.

Speaking in the latest edition of “This Week in Google”, Matt Cutts explained how why being a public face for Google in regards to publisher issues is a poor use of time that attracts negative energy. The head of Googles Web Spam team also went on to describe the role as being the equivalent of a “lightning rod”. Matt did go onto praise his fellow Google colleagues in the interview however, explaining just how well the team is doing by making the most of the opportunities now available and exploring different ideas.

Cutts goes onto explain:

I loved the part of my job that dealt with keeping an eye on what important news was happening related to Google, but, it’s not clear that having me as a lightning rod for unhappy black hat SEOs, or something, is the best use of anybody’s time compared to working on other things making the world better for Google…so we’ll see.

Although Matt Cutt’s future as head of web spam is in doubt, he hasn’t ruled out undertaking in other projects inside of Google head quarters.

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