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Do you have full control over your website?

Future proof your website with Wordpress. Easily add or change content on your website. Built with you in mind we will make the process of editing your website as simple as 1,2,3.

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Do I need a Content Managed Website?

Having a fully content managed website is now more important for your local Coventry businesses than ever before. So what exactly is a content management system. A CMS website allows you to add pages, edit content and manipulate the look and feel of your website without any coding experience, sounds ideal doesn't it. Having a fully content managed website is not just a content editing tool, it future proofs your website for years to come. If built and used correctly you should be able to promote seasonal offers, add testimonials, galleries and sliders with the click of a button.

Keep Your Website Up To Date

Here at Mash Web Design Coventry we specialise in providing fully content managed websites to our clients. We understand the importance of our clients being able to update information with the click of a button. The main reason our clients love having a content managed website is down to the ease of use. We ensure everything down to your businesses phone number is easily editable, and with full training on the system at the end of the project you will be a confident webmaster in no time.

CMS Websites Coventry

Whats Wordpress?

There are a number of Content Management Systems available throughout the industry. Here at Mash Web Design Coventry we specialise in the CMS system Wordpress. Wordpress is the leading content management system in the world with over 74.6 million websites running the system.

Wordpress is extremely simple to use, and doesn't require any previous coding knowledge unlike many other CMS systems. Building your website using Wordpress doesn't compromise the bespoke quality of your website either allowing you to benefit from the stress-free control over your website.

Ease of Use

Wordpress is extremely easy to use. Adding pages, testimonials, blogs and images couldn't be easier.

Manage your Website on the go.

As Wordpress is browser based you are able to update your website on any computer or device in the world.

Wordpress SEO Integration

Wordpress has been built for easy SEO integration. Allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Extend your Website

With over 60,000 free Wordpress plugins available. Add a Twitter feed, event calender or gallery with one click.

Responsive Wordpress Websites

In the past, people would view your website on a PC or laptop, however with today's tech savvy audience viewing your website on mobile phones and tablets its now more important that your website adjusts to suit your visitors device. We offer and encourage all of our customers to ensure their Wordpress website is also responsive.

We ensure that no matter how little or how much content you add to your website it will respond perfectly on portable devices.

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