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Mash Web Design are a Coventry Based Web Agency striving to provide affordable website design and online marketing services to businesses based in the local area. Our web agency has a wealth of experience designing and building websites that expand our customers online brand and more importantly make our clients money. Whether you need to stand head and shoulders above your competition or launch an eCommerce store, our website designers will create you a stunning new website to fulfil your website needs. From our initial consultation right through to the website launch our aim as a web design company is to make the experience with Mash Web Design as stress free and as easy as possible.

Your Online Marketing Strategy

Taking the step towards having a new bespoke website built can be a stressful one, with so many different avenues to consider it is important that you choose the correct web development company. Whether we are designing and developing your business a simple website right through to a full blown eCommerce store, it is crucial that we have in place an Online Marketing Strategy for your business.

Not Just Another Coventry Web Agency

We like to undertake a different approach when it comes to managing our projects. From working within the industry we have found many other local web agencies & freelance web designers do not involve their clients throughout the website build. We are proud to differ quite dramatically as we welcome our clients feedback and views throughout every step of the website creation. We love our clients opinions and we allow our customers to be as involved as they like. We find this way we can ensure that we meet your expectations first time.

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The Project Foundations

Before undertaking any new design project, we aim to set up what we like to call the “Project Foundations". Our project foundations consist of understanding three key areas. Understanding your business → Market Research → Competitor Analysis Firstly we take the time to understand your businesses goals and ambitions for the future. Every business has different underlying reasons why they are investing in a new website. Therefore the overall success of the finalised project is not always judged by an increase in enquiries or sales. We often deal with individuals and local businesses who's main aim for the new website is to help build their online brand through our online marketing services, or to expand the amount of subscribers they receive for their email marketing campaigns. Each business is different, and by understanding your businesses vision early on, we can ensure that your vision is implemented seamlessly into the website design, with this is place our agency can set upon developing you the perfect website.
Once we understand your business, we will then set about analysing your target market and audience. With your help, we will delve into market research head first, enabling our agency to identify who your customers are, and what are their buying motives. By understanding this information we can ensure that our efforts are focussed on delivering a website that meets your target markets expectations. Our final step is Competitor Analysis. Understanding how and where your local & national online competition is out performing your business is a crucial component to ensuring the success of your online campaign. We analyse the performance both onsite and off site to see how we can get one step ahead of your competitors.  

The Website Design Process

Our agency follows a proven process that helps deliver online success to your business. By doing this we can ensure that no stone is left unturned, and that you have clear visibility about how far you are along the process.

Initial Web Consultation

It is important that the website we develop meets your requirements and that you are pleased with the end results. Which is why the first step on our process is the “Initial Website Build Consultation”. We aim to deliver all of our consultations face to face, we believe this is the best method for you to clearly see how we plan to expand your business online. In the initial consultation we will aim to begin laying the “Project Foundations”. As previously discussed, this is a method Mash Web Design Coventry has put in place to cover three key fundamental areas.
  • Understanding your Businesses Needs
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
Once we are happy that we have gained the above information, we will fill in a design brief with you that clearly covers key aspects of how you envisage how your finalised website will look. We also provide a competitive web design quote for the work that needs to be completed.

Free No Obligation Homepage

As the old saying goes, “The Proof is in the Pudding”, with this in mind we always deliver to our customers a completely bespoke, free no obligation homepage tailored to your business. Whilst designing your homepage, your website designer will focus heavily on considering the information we have gathered via the "Project Foundations" stage, as well as taking on board your guidelines specified in the design brief. As a Coventry & Warwickshire Web Agency, we have always found that this has been the best approach to showcase our vision for your new website. Following this formula most importantly offers our clients a unique insight into the quality of work we deliver with our web design solutions.

Homepage Presentation & Contract Agreement

At this stage, we are ready to present the brand new homepage back to you. We always aim to try and arrange this meeting in person, this allows us to truly explain the website homepage design and the reasons behind the design choices. We often receive no design changes from our clients and are therefore happy to sign up for website build straight away, we are always happy to make adjustments to the design of the homepage so it fits in with your vision. Once you are happy with the initial homepage we have designed, and have agreed upon the project foundations, we find it is the perfect time for our clients to agree to go ahead with the project and to make the deposit for the website build.

Website Build & Launch

Throughout your website build we will work hand in hand with the client to ensure their expectations are met first time round. We provide the client a bespoke experience and therefore never use website building software or web page template to get to the final result. We believe creating a website for a local Coventry & Warwickshire business should be an exciting experience for both the client and the web developer, which is why we do not restrict our web developers to strict timescales on our projects. This allows your developer and designer to experiment with concepts and ideas that will help your company stand out from the crowd. Although we do not follow strict timescales, we do aim to deliver static or content managed websites within 4 weeks of the initial homepage sign off date. The end result will be a fully functioning website, designed to convert and built to rank naturally in Search Engines. All of our websites will work on every major browsers and portable device available.

Generate High Quality Traffic

Why choose our Warwickshire web design agency over a freelance web designer or another design agency based in the local area? This is the precise question I always encourage our potential customers to ask. Quite simply we develop websites that work by following three key principles. Generate High Quality Traffic → Convert Traffic → Increase Customer Lifetime Value There is no point investing in all of the latest gadgets for your website if no body is ever going to see them and engage with your website. This is a dilemma many businesses do not think about before forking out thousands of pounds on a website. Which is why we always recommend to our clients to invest in some form of online marketing with Mash Web Design Coventry. Our recommendation to all businesses are our organic SEO packages.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, or more commonly known as SEO, is the delicate practice of ensuring that your website will rank in Google for certain variations of keywords. We specialise quite heavily on Local SEO for businesses aiming to rank for their region. There are two types of SEO you can undertake with Mash Web Design.
  1. Organic SEO
  2. Pay Per Click

What is Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the process of making your website more prominent in Search Engines for a range of targeted keywords. Using a range of different industry techniques we can ensure that you are ranking higher than your competitors for your most competitive keywords. Organic SEO does take time, for local campaigns we usually estimate a lead time of at least 3 months before your website begins to rank on Google.

What Is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, often abbreviated as PPC, is an alternative way of ranking on Google, and can start generating you SEO traffic instantly. As the name suggest Pay Per Click is a paid advertisement service. Our clients decide on a monthly budget and upon the keywords they would like to rank for in Search Engines. We always recommend Pay Per Click to businesses that do not expect large amounts of traffic flooding to their site immediately, as this service gives them a chance to generate leads quickly.

Convert Traffic & Rise Lifetime Value

Once the traffic has arrived to your website, by either organic SEO or Pay Per Click, it is important that your website then engages the web traffic and converts them into sales or enquiries. We do this by implementing onsite conversion rate optimisation and ensuring your website correctly displays on all portable devices.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improving conversions is quite simply increasing the probability your visitor will take a desired action. This can include contacting your business through your websites contact form, calling your business using your websites phone number, signing up to your websites newsletter, downloading your businesses app or making a purchase online through your website. We focus quite heavily on conversion rate optimisation on all of our websites, using a range of techniques to ensure that visitors to your website are both engaged and ready to take action. When designing your homepage, we will have considered CRO quite extensively and implemented this within the design and website build.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design is the process of ensuring that your website works and adapts dynamically on all types of portable devices. We have an extensive knowledge on how best to implement this for our clients and highly recommend it. 2014 seen the usage of portable devices to access the Internet overtake desktop browsing for the first time in history. If you are not engaging these visitors correctly with a mobile website, 60% of traffic gained via the website will often bounce off your website within three seconds. Can you afford to alienate such a high percentage of potential customers?

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increasing a customers lifetime value is often a method not properly considered by design agencies across the UK. Everybody is so focussed on increasing the percentage of new customers, why not instead put as much emphasis on regaining your current customers and have them purchase from your again in future. Not only is this an easier way to generate revenue because your customers already know you offer a high quality service, but it is also a much more sustainable way of operating your website and business. We have a range of techniques that we implement onto our websites to ensure that the website users don't just buy from the website once, but continue to come back in the future to.

CMS or eCommerce Web Design

Here at Mash Web Design Coventry we often deal with customers and clients that are not fully decided upon whether they should purchase a CMS Platform (Content Management System) or an eCommerce store. Our initial advice is to first consider the purpose of the new website. Selling online requires an eCommerce store, so if the main goal for the website doesn't revolve around your customers purchasing your products online then you will be better suited purchasing a Content Management System. The good news is both platforms allow you to manage your websites content, pages and navigation.

CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is just a short hand abbreviation for Content Management Systems. It is a piece of software that allows the author to manage the website dynamically through a dashboard without any previous coding knowledge. Our clients can manage sliders, content, pages, galleries, navigation, blogs and contact forms to just name a few.

Wordpress Web Design

There isn't just one specific type of CMS Platform, agencies and freelance designers usually have their own preference. Here at Mash Web Design, we use the Open Source Content Management Software called Wordpress. Wordpress is the most popular CMS platform within the industry, powering millions of website online. Wordpress boasts an easy to use dashboard=== that makes it extremely easy to pick up and use by clients no matter how tech savvy they are. The Wordpress platform is completely free to use and expand upon, allowing Mash Web Design to customise you a bespoke website that you can easily manage, update and expand. Many of our customers invest in SEO with our agency, the good news is Google loves Wordpress, Wordpress helps websites rank higher on major search engines all over the world.

eCommerce Store

An eCommerce store is the equivalent of having a shop that customers can visit and purchase from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike our CMS websites, our clients don't just have access to edit pages and content but have the ability to manage stock, categories, promotional offers, payment gateways and much more as well.

Magento Web Design

Here at Mash we use the open source eCommerce platform Magento. Magento is a flexible system that allows merchants to easily manage the look and feel of the website whilst effortlessly keeping track of orders, products and customers. As Magento is open source it is completely free to use, and allows Mash Web Design Coventry to craft you the perfect online store and eCommerce website.

Responsive eCommerce Store

The importance of a responsive eCommerce store can not be overlooked, ensuring that your customers receives a tailor made, dynamic website that works flawlessly on their portable device is key to increasing sales in today market. Mobile eCommerce, better known as mCommerce is crucial to ensuring your website stands above you competitors.

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