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WooCommerce Web Design

WooCommerce is WordPress’s leading eCommerce plugin powering millions of websites across the internet. The platform allows store owners complete control of their WooCommerce website. Here at Mash, we offer responsive WooCommerce web design to our smaller eCommerce clients who may not have the budget available or the need to purchase a full Magento Web Site. Investing in a WooCommerce website for your business is a cost effective way to set up your store and begin trading online.

WooCommerce Open Source

WooCommerce is Open Source

WooCommerce is licensed under the GPL (General Public License), meaning it is completely free to download, install and use to power your store. Despite being free, WooCommerce comes built in with a whole range of features that merchants will love.

A Flexible eCommerce Solution

WooCommerce is simple to use even for a novice with no previous experience. Effortlessly add categories and products to your store, you even have the ability to offer virtual and downloadable products,

WooCommerce Web Design
Manage your website with woocommerce

Maintain Your CMS Website Along The Way

As WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress, customers benefit from still having access to the easy to manage interface WordPress offers, to manage the rest of their website. This allows you to drive your business forward in a variety of ways.

Extend your WooCommerce Functionality

Once WooCommerce is installed it doesn’t end there. Our customers WooCommerce stores are easily extendible with a whole host of plugins available via the WooCommerce website.

Extend WooCommerce
Manage your woocommerce store

Manage Your Store

WooCommerce may be free, but it doesn’t lack a whole host of built in solutions to efficiently manage your store. Order tracking has never been easier, as WooCommerce allows you to track past and open orders. Simply configure your VAT settings, inventory, shipping methods and Store discounts.

WooCommerce Analytics

WooCommerce comes built in with a whole host of easy to understand analytical systems. Merchants now have access to analyse the stores total sales, average order details, customer statistics and much more. All of the information is presented in well designed graphs, allowing you to really study the success of your WooCommerce web site.

Woocommerce Reports and Statistics
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