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Whats New In WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0, named “Benny” in honour of Jazz musician Benny Goodman, has today been released to WordPress users. WordPress 4.0 comes with a whole range of new features for users to benefit from. We have provided a brief overview of what to expect with the latest update.

Managing your Media

One of the major changes to WordPress 4.0 is the overhaul to the media library. Users can now explore their uploads in a whole new way. The media library is now displayed in an endless grid system making it easier than ever before to view and edit your uploads instantly.

Media WordPress 4.0

Working with WordPress Embeds

Working with WordPress embeds has never been easier or more visual. Simply copy and paste a Youtube or Twitter URL and your video/tweet will automatically appear! WordPress has also gone a long way in expanding WordPress supported embeds. View all WordPress supported embeds here.

WordPress Embeds 4.0

Easy Content Editing

Writing content has never been easier with WordPress 4.0, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor expands smoothly to fit to the content you write and the device you are using. The WordPress 4.0 editor sidebar also now stays with you no matter how far you scroll down the page, removing the need to continually scroll which will enable you to focus on your content.

Searching For WordPress Plugins

Another area of WordPress that has seen a major revamp is the plugin installer. WordPress 4.0 makes it easier than it has ever been before to find the right plugin for your website and to install it. With new metrics, improved search functionality and a new more visual grid feature, users can access WordPress’ 30,000 plugins easier than ever before.

WordPress plugin developers can also now benefit from being able to add an associated icon to their plugin that will appear within the search. By default plugins appear with an auto-generated icon based on the GeoPattern library by Jason Long of Github.

For plugin developers that are interested in learning how to add a plugin thumbnail, follow the simple steps outlined in the following blog post: “How to create and add a plugin icon in the plugin installer”.

Plugin Installer WordPress 4.0


Along with a whole range of development updates happening behind the scenes with WordPress 4.0, the above is a brief overview of the main visual changes you can expect to be working with in the future. WordPress 4.0 offers its users a seamless content first publishing experience.

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