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Spell Check Your Websites Content

Spelling mistakes happen, we are only human after all. However the impact a spelling mistakes viewed by a potential client makes is massive. It not only discredits the information but also cheapens your brand image.

The BBC produced an article back in 2011 that claimed the British businesses lose millions of pounds a year due to bad spelling on websites.

If the spelling isn’t correct how can a customer trust your company to provide a service or product. It shows your visitors that you don’t care about fixing problems and that your service is cheap.

Proof Read

Some times the oldest tricks are the best, i think it is definitely the case in this case. Always aim to have someone proof read your content before you publish the information on your website. This is a great way to eliminate silly mistakes and spelling errors from your websites content.

Reality of the Situation

Unfortunately there isn’t always time to have someone read over your work, bloggers are often on tight schedules to produce quality content. So what is the alternative.

Respelt is a free online tool that allows you to spell check content, web pages or even RSS feeds. If you are aiming to make a good impression with your content then I definitely recommend trying the tool out. We ensure that we run all of our websites through Respelt before website launch, this allows us to be confident that any mistakes are picked up and fixed before customers can see.

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