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Pay Per Click Management Coventry

Pay Per Click (PPC) is often the quickest, most efficient and cost effective (If done correctly) way to launch your business to the top of the search results for your specific keywords & phrases. Businesses are able to start generating traffic and potential customers to their website instantly, even minutes after setting up their AdWords Campaign. Pay Per Click advertising is unique from other forms of marketing as you are only ever charged when potential customers click on your advert. This form of marketing can prove extremely effective and beneficial for businesses on a shoe string budget as they are able to limit and monitor their daily spend. To get started you simply need to choose the correct phrases and keywords for your business and you will begin receiving enquiries within minutes.

An Overview of PPC

As mentioned above, Pay Per Click marketing is unlike any other form of advertising, this is because you are only required to pay when someone clicks on your advert. This can prove extremely cost effective for small and large businesses alike. Businesses who invest in PPC advertising have greater control over their marketing spend and can easily monitor the adverts ROI.

So How Much Is The Cost Per Click?

The cost-per-click isn't fixed and is dependent on two main factors. You begin by setting a maximum cost-per-click that you are willing to pay for the keyword. You won't pay more than the limit you set but your will often pay a lot less! Businesses will only ever spend the minimum amount required in order to maintain their add position within the results, this is also dependant on how much your competitors are bidding too. The order of the PPC results are determined by what each business is willing to spend per click.

Cant I Manage My Businesses PPC Myself?

Of course, setting up your Google Adwords, Bing Ads & Yahoo Ads has never been easier! You will be spending your businesses advertisement budget in minutes! Thats the big issue, unless you have experience dealing with PPC campaigns, your Pay Per Click spend could spiral out of control very quickly.

Managing Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Here at Mash, we have a wealth of experience with PPC and offer the best Pay Per Click Management Coventry has to offer. We ensure that our Coventry Pay Per Click customers get the most out of their daily and monthly budgets. Pay Per Click advertising will only truly be cost effective and successful if you are bidding on the right keywords. We begin the campaign by exploring as many potential keyword avenues as possible, often the less competitive phrases offer the best ROI. By connecting your AdWords account up to Google Analytics we can begin to monitor the success of the campaign by tracking performance, click throughs and results. This allows us to trial a range of different advertisements for your business and we can then begin to monitor the success of each advertisement. We will also be analysing your Key Word PPC data, and will be able to strategically decide upon the most cost effective keywords for your campaign.

Free PPC Audit

Here at Mash Web Design we offer a free initial PPC audit. We will be able to fully inform you from this audit why your campaign hasn't worked in the past and how we can improve your current results.
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