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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many businesses main aim is to improve the revenue generated from their website. But just how well do you know your figures? When potential customers land on your website, do you know exactly what actions & user journey your users are undertaking? Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process understanding custom behaviour and then using the information gained to enhance the performance of the website.

Initial Analysis & Research

The first step to improving your websites conversion rate is to first understand the actions your current customers are undertaking when they are landing on the website. To do this we either analyse your existing analytics data or alternatively set up a Google Analytics profile for your business and begin to gather data about your customers. By applying funnels in Google Analytics we can begin to fully understand the experience your customers are received and where and why you are losing traffic. By understanding where your is falling down we can begin to look for new opportunities to increase conversions. After gathering two to three weeks of user data, we compile a report and present it back to you. This conversion report will present three key pieces of information. We often find uncovering and presenting the current websites failures can be hard to hear for our clients, often design changes are needed but we always ensure changes are reversible if requested.


Once the client is fully onboard we set about implementing the changes to the clients website. This can include structural and design changes that will help influence user behaviour.


Once the changes have been implemented onto the website, we then spend another two to three weeks monitoring the customer journey to see whether the conversion rate has improved. During this time period we undertake A/B testing on the website, this allows Mash to display multiple different designs to the user in order to measure which design has the best conversion rate.
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