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Mash Category Read More

Mash Web Design are very happy to announce the launch of its first Magento module to the public. The module named “Mash Category Read More” was published on the Magento Connect last night and can be found here.

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Mash Category Read More

What does it do

Mash Category Read More is a lightweight jQuery based plugin that allows you to dynamically limit the number of paragraphs shown on any category at any one time, without needing to touch a line of code. This is great for store owners who aren’t tech savvy, and for developers that like to put in place a fool proof way of limiting the content shown on categories for CRO reasons but don’t want to insert code straight into the WYSIWYG editor.

How To Use

Once the module is installed on your store simply head over to your websites System Configuration. The Mash Read More Settings Tab is located down the left hand side. Simply open up the Read More Config Settings, here is where you globally set the maximum amount of paragraphs you would like to show on any category. As a fall back, if the category doesn’t contain more paragraphs than the value set, the read more will not show up automatically. Once you are happy with your desired number, head over to the front end of the website and you should now be able to see your limited category content.

Disable the plugin on Individual Categories

Not all users of the module will want the read more to appear on every single category, which is why we have added a feature where you can disable the read more functionality on individual categories. All you have to do is to head over to the category that you would like to remove the read more from and under “General Settings” you will be able to see the option “Disable Read More”. All you have to do is check this box to disable the functionality.

Future Updates

We aim to keep the module updated regularly, updates that are currently in the pipeline for future releases are listed below.

  • Rebuild the functionality fully in prototype.js to remove any possible jQuery conflicts.
  • Enable users to be able to add the read more functionality to the homepage & product pages.
  • Advanced batch control for disabling the functionality on individual categories.

We would love to get your feedback on the module. Please tell us at Mash Web Design if you liked the module? Areas that you feel could be added or improved upon in newer releases? And whether you ran into any bugs whilst using the module? Please leave your comments below.

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