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MAMP MySQL Server Not Working

Like a lot of developers, i rely quite heavily on MAMP and localhost to manage and build sites locally. Not only can you develop on the move without an internet connection, it also allows you to increase your productivity as you know longer need to wait for the dreaded “Dreamweaver is currently interacting with the server” to make a change. I also find MAMP brilliant when testing plugins and bespoke functionality as you are never in danger of breaking a site or server!

However, this morning i found myself lost. My precious MAMP was no longer working. When attempting to start up MAMP my Apache Server started as usual however my MySQL Server just would enable. After tirelessly Googling the issue i found that if you start up MAMP after already quitting the application early on, you can encounter this bug.

MAMP MySQL Server Solution

Do not panic as i did, there is a solution. Simply quite MAMP, open up your Macs Terminal and then run the following statement.

killall -9 mysqld

Restart MAMP and it should now work again!

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