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The End of Author Photos in Google Search

Google has recently announced that they will be dropping authorship from the majority of search results. The feature offered web masters the opportunity to potentially increase their click-through rates and to expand their brand visibility by introducing author images and circle counts into search results. This was done by simply verifying your authorship via Google Plus.

John Mueller hinted heavily towards the change being rolled out globally over the upcoming weeks. However it’s not all doom and gloom, Google going forward will only display the authors name in the search snippet.

Why Google, Why?

So what is the purpose of dropping the author photos, according to John Mueller Google’s current aim is to clean up search results and to create a better user experience for mobile and tablet users. John Mueller claims Google has tested the click-through behaviour on the new search results and that click-through rates are about the same.

Whats the point of Google Authorship

In order for you to benefit from the new stripped back enhanced snippets it is still necessary to verify your authorship. It is still highly recommended  that you continue to verify your Google Authorship, this is still the number one way Google can establish your identity and your address.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this Google announcement, have you found an improved click-through rate or do your agree with Google’s changes? Have your say below.

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