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eCommerce Web Design Coventry

eCommerce Web Design Coventry Warwickshire

Does your website make you money?

If your website isn’t working as hard as you are then its about time you invest in a new eCommerce store for your business.

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Do I Need an eCommerce Store?

Having a functional, effective online store is now just as important as having a shop on the high street. It not only gives your customers an easy way to purchase items, it allows your business to showcase a whole range of different products that visitors may not have been aware of. Here at Mash Web Design, we specialise in providing functional, easy to manage, responsive eCommerce stores. Our aim at Mash Web Design is to ensure that your potential customers are engaged with the site and will purchase their items from your store.

Open Source eCommerce Websites

From as little as £2500, we can build your Coventry & Warwickshire business an extremely powerful and responsive eCommerce store. Here at Mash Web Design we build all of our customers stores using Open-Source software. The reasons for this are:

Responsive eCommerce Websites

It is now more important than it has ever been that your store caters for both mobile and tablet users, for the first time in history portable device usage is now more popular than browsing the web on a desktop. Responsive Web Design is a must and we highly recommend it to all of our customers. A massive 60% of mobile and tablet users will leave your website if it doesn't respond to their device, by not ensuring your website is responsive you risk alienating these customers and are in danger of them purchasing their items from a competitors store. Can your business afford to lose these customers? We highly doubt it.

mCommerce Web Design

Don't panic, here at Mash Web Design Coventry Warwickshire, we understand the importance of responsive web design, which is why all of our eCommerce packages feature responsive design with no extra charge! Responsive eCommerce stores are also often referred to as mCommerce (Mobile Commerce), by your store catering for both mobile and tablet devices, your sales will continue to grow, together with your business?


WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows customers to run an online store with WordPress' familiar surroundings. WooCommerce allows store owners to sell just about any type of product, including simple, virtual or even downloadable products. The eCommerce platform allows store owners to easily manage orders, add notes and study your stores reports. Easily manage your inventory, set up discounts and add payment gateways to your website. Learn More About WooCommerce


We believe Magento is the number one platform out there for merchants today. With a whole range of useful documentation for merchants online as well as a community which provide bespoke add-ons mainly for free, investing in Magento is not only good for 2014, but it also a way of future proofing your online store for years to come. Learn More About Magento
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