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Car Rental Web Design

So you have decided that your car rental business needs a website, now what… It is very easy for businesses in this sector to completely look over the functionality required on the website and to go straight to the design agency.

This usually results in high quotations for the bespoke functionality as you will most likely require a system where you can add, edit and delete vehicles as well as a front end search functionality for visitors. Here at Mash Web Design we often see car hire companies being completely put off by the possibility of huge quotes and therefore decide to opt out of investing in a website.

Car Rental Software

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is a vast range of car management software available on the internet that your business may or may not be currently using, I always recommend to our clients that they contact their existing software developers to see whether the software can be integrated with your website. This completely cuts out the need for the design company to build bespoke functionality for your business and therefore bring down the price dramatically. This method can prove to be a much more cost effective solution and is a great way to manage your vehicles online. If your current car management software doesn’t support web implementation it may be worth switching over to other software that does. I would ensure that before you purchase any licences with car rental software you speak to the business and ensure that it can be implemented onto your website.

Car Rental Systems for WordPress

My personal recommendation is to use “Car Rental System” for WordPress. It may not sync up with your current software however it does allow you a huge amount of control over your vehicles and the search functionality. You are able to add as many vehicles as you need and the functionality includes real time availability, this is a great way to avoid double booking. The Search functionality allows the front end user to filter by pick up and drop off location, car type, pick-up and drop off date.

Both your car rental business and website can now run in-conjunction with each other, allowing you to take online reservations and manage your fleet. The plugin is multilingual too and allows you to set your default language from up to 16 different languages.

You can find further documentation on the Car Rental System for WordPress here.


So to conclude, contact your current software developers first to see if the current software will work online with your website, if not definitely consider switching software to one that does allow for this implementation or use an alternative plugin alongside your existing software as mentioned above. We offer support and advice to our car hire clients, so if you do need any advice please contact us today.

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