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Best Free Stock Imagery & Video Websites

Best Free Stock Imagery and Video Websites

Happy New Year! And welcome to Mash Web Design’s first blog post of 2015. In this blog we will be showcasing our favourite free stock imagery & video websites.

As many web designers know sourcing the correct imagery for projects can often be a costly headache. Sites such as Shutterstock & iStock are excellent paid resources for high quality premium imagery & videos, however issues can arise when dealing with clients requiring a lot of imagery on a tight budget. It makes good business sense to sometimes look slightly further afield for your media and instead of using a premium service look for free alternatives. We have compiled a list of our favourite free alternatives where you will be able to find & download free imagery & videos that you are able to legally use on yours or your clients websites.

Free Stock Imagery Websites

An image says a thousand words, which is why choosing the correct imagery for you project is crucial. You don’t always need to pay through the teeth for high quality imagery however. With this in mind we began researching high quality alternatives and compiled a list for our readers below.




Unsplash is an excellent free website that allows you to browse and use their breathtaking stock imagery within your projects. The guys at unsplash upload 10 new photo’s every ten days, so it is worth subscribing to keep up to date with their latest pictures.


Kaboom Pics


Kaboompics is another excellent resource for free imagery which had to be on our list. Easily search for high quality imagery that you are able to use inside your personal or commercial projects. is an excellent free stock imagery site that compiles free imagery from multiple different websites. The site features an easy to use search field that will help you find the correct image for your project.



Pixabay features over 290,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations that you are free to use in your projects.



Resplashed currently features over 500 free HD images to download for your web design projects. The site also features an impressive AJAX search feature for ease of use.

Free Stock Video Websites

One of the leading current web design trends is HD video websites. Not only do videos make your projects look breathtaking but they also helps improve your websites usability & user experience. The one down side is the price of purchasing the HD videos, which is why we have compiled a list of the internets best free video galleries where you can download free videos to use within your projects.



Videvo offer completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics for designers to use within their web projects. offers royalty-free HD stock footage to designers all across the globe. Simply subscribe to & benefit from the completely free stock videos.



Videezy is a community that shares free HD stock video footage with each other. Simply join the website and take part in the community.

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