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As a standard, WordPress displays your content on the homepage within the base blog format. Therefore, creating a bespoke homepage in WordPress can seem a little confusing. We are here to cut through any confusion and help you create your very own WordPress page for blogs and a separate page for your homepage.

Creating Pages

The first thing to do is create two separate pages for both your homepage & your blog. To do this simply login to your WordPress backend & visit “Pages” > “Add New”. You will then be directed to WordPress’ page creation tool. Create two new pages called “Home” & publish the pages.

Assigning WordPress Frontpage

Next, you need to tell WordPress about both of your designated pages. Navigate via the backend to settings > reading. Under the “Your homepage displays” tab select the option “A static page” & two select boxes will display. Here you will define which page to display as your homepage & which as your posts page.

Remeber to save your page & there you have it! Now you can create bespoke templates for your individual pages & use WordPress to its full capabilities.





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